By Katie Jakub

There’s nothing quite like leaving the rush of New York City for a weekend and heading on a day (or even weekend) trip to Boston. Here are some tips you definitely need to remember:

  1. Yes, the Chinatown bus is cheaper. It is a little creepy, but you’re in college. Live a little. (Greyhound does have a service between NY and Boston if you’re willing to shell out twice the cash.)
  2. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel, make sure that the person making the reservations is over 21. If you’re not 21, start making friends with people who go to school in Boston.
  3. Going during the winter? Make sure you wait until President’s Day Weekend to go. By then, the pond in the Boston Commons has frozen over and you can skate around – without ice skates! – until your heart’s content.
  4. If you decide to going while the weather is warm (April-September), you can take the traditional ride on the Swan Boats. It’s only $2.75!
  5. Quincy Market (part of Faneuil Hall) is a great place for good eats and souvenir shopping. There’s a “Cheers” (the famed TV show) bar there, but it’s just an “authentic replica,” according to the Cheers Website.
  6. Eat some fish! You’re right by the bay. You have a choice of the freshest of the fresh. You may be a cheap college student, but you deserve a night on the town every once in a while!
  7. Like always, you should at least try to visit something meaningful and historical. There are tons of historical sights (especially on the Freedom Trail) and museums throughout the city like the Children’s Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts.
  8. Try to take the T if it will help. Just because you understand the NY subway system doesn’t mean it won’t hurt to learn about Boston’s!
  9. Wander down a side street. Get lost in the city (but make sure you have a map).
  10. There’s always a nice person who is willing to lead you in the right direction in Boston, so don’t be afraid to ask!

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