Midnight Eats in Paris

by Hilary Tuttle

After having lived in New York City for two years, I became an extremely spoiled foodie. I ate a vast array of foods at all hours of the day – often late into the night. In Paris, that is not the case. Yes, the food is amazing, but unfortunately you will not be able to have that delicious food whenever you like. Here are two late-night food remedies I discovered while staying abroad in Paris.


Between the Tour de St. Jacques and the Centre Pompidou is the beacon for late-night travelers. The metro and transit system to the suburbs, the RER, do not run from 1 am to 6 am. Chatelet is a big station for the RER where people gather, waiting for for trains to start running again. Area businesses have taken advantage of this bored group of drunken youngsters. Come to Chatelet late at night and you will find delectable crepes and sandwiches of any kind. Whether sweet or savory, the crepes will definitely feed your late-night hankerings. My favorite savory choice is Oeuf Fromage, which is an egg cracked over the crepe and cooked with cheese. My favorite sweet choice is Sucre Confiture, entirely is sugar and jam – but watch out for jam falling out of the bottom. I ruined a great pair of pants that way! The food is not of high nutritious quality, but the greasy snack with definitely hit the spot.

Au Pied de Cochon

If you like your midnight snack to be a bit more refined, try Au Pied de Cochon in the First Arrondissement. Open 24 hours, this café always seems to be bustling with a mixed crowd. On any given night you can see a couple discussing the best wine options with the owner, while an older group of gentlemen tastes the cheese selection of the day. This restaurant has been feeding hungry locals since 1946. Its original customers were late-night workers from the local food market. Now the only thing that remains on the menu from those days are the pig’s feet. I did not venture that far out of my comfort zone, but the plate of oysters and onion soup made my late night meal feel like a classy dinner instead of a 3 am craving. The menu is only in French, so come with a dictionary or a translator.


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