Where everybody knows your name

By Katie Jakub

Boston by Katie Jakub

We couldn’t decide what to do. We had a long weekend for President’s Day and knew that staying in the city was not an option. Finally, we came to a decision: 5 friends, 1 BMW and a day trip to Boston.

When we first got into the city, we had the worst trouble finding a parking space because our driver refused to park her candy apple red BMW within 50 feet of any other car. Finally, convinced her to park in a garage and started our day of exploration.

It was exhilarating to be in a new place and fall in love with a new city—a city where people see you struggling to take a picture of you and your four friends and kindly offer to do it. We spent most of our time skating around the Boston Commons, one of the oldest parks in the country. Of course, while we were in the park, we tried to take in a little bit of historical sights—the kind that showed us reenacting famous statues throughout the park.

Boston by Katie Jakub

Soon enough, it was time for us to find dinner. In the city by the harbor, it seemed like we had a world of seafood options in front of us. Yet being the five diverse (read: picky) people that we are, we could not agree on anything. Finally, after walking around for nearly an hour in the freezing cold, we decided on Joe’s American Bar and Grill. Our main goal on the trip was to find a restaurant that we could recommend to friends if they were ever in Boston, though the food left something to be desired.

Boston by Katie Jakub

After dinner, we stumbled around town a bit longer visiting different interesting places and picking up left over Valentine’s Day roses for a dollar. Though our day in Boston had gone off without a hitch, our drive home was filled with bad luck. Not only were we pulled over while crossing the state border into New York, but my friend’s car was finally scratched when a stone bounced up and cracked the windshield.

The trip turned out to be a low-key visit to Boston, complete with city-wandering, decent food and millions of photo opportunities. Though not jam-packed with activities or adventure, it was nice to try something new and to get away for a day.

All photos by Katie Jakub.


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