Snapshots of Ghana

Photos and captions by Claire Bryant

Ghana Claire Bryant 01
1.Children at the Peace and Love Palace after Nana Abass’ performance.

Ghana Claire Bryant 02
2.Nana Abass, a spiritual healer in the Kumasi region, at his Peace and Love Palace. Here, Abass is performing a traditional performance where he danced to drums according to what the spirits told him to do. Spiritual healers serve as alternatives to western medicine and hospitals.

Ghana Claire Bryant 03
3. Mary, a child who lives at the Osu Children’s Home in Accra. The Osu Children’s home is a community for orphaned, abandoned and needy children from birth to eighteen years old. One of the girls on our trip brought the stickers for the kids and when we left there only remained a few kids that weren’t completely covered in them.

Ghana Claire Bryant 04
4. At the Coconut Beach Grove Resort in Elmina. Here, some young men who came to the beach to meet us and sell us some goods.

Ghana Claire Bryant 05
5. Our group with some kids at a public school in Accra. School was not in session but the kids came in anyway wearing their uniforms just to meet us.


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