Around the World in One City


If you find yourself in Hong Kong, don’t skip these three restaurants in this international hub for crazy cuisines.

Balalaika Russian Restaurant & Bar

Anybody seeking a fun atmosphere along with great food can find it all at Balalaika Russian Restaurant & Bar. Shahilik skewers are the specialty here—the waiters pump up the atmosphere by lowering the lights and dousing the meat in blue and yellow flames. The Siberian pork dumplings are also a wonderful delicacy. What’s even more tantalizing? You get to experience the Russian cold in fur coats in an ice room nearby?

T: 86 (852) 3579 2929


Kenjo Japanese Restaurant is yet another experience that you shouldn’t miss. Although dinner here is quite expensive (for Hong Kong standards), the lunch specials are reasonably priced. They do change their menus slightly according to the season, all in efforts of providing the best quality food in front of their customers.

T: 86 (852) 2369 8307

Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House strives to keep its traditional Hong Kong ways as they were in the olden days, and it succeeds. Tourists and locals alike rush to the trolleys to grab at steaming plates of dim sum. The tea is served either in tea pots or old-fashioned filtering tea cups. Their roast pork is an absolute must- try, while their Mahli Gou ( a sort of yellow cake) is my personal recommendation. Although a little messy, but still highly hygienic, this restaurant never fails to give its visitors a real taste of Hong Kong’s history and food.

T: 86 (852) 2544 4556

So next time you visit Hong Kong, indulge in a gourmet trip — with tastes from across the globe!


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