Tel Aviv: The City and the Beach

NYU Tel Aviv was truly a unique semester. Tel Aviv is a beach city with a cosmopolitan city life, and year-round sun. Its cosmopolitan aura gives it the name of “The New York of the Middle East.” The city of Tel Aviv is culturally and politically enriching, from learning about the current conflict to visiting contemporary art museums, it is almost impossible to feel bored there.

Tel Aviv - Hayley Winograd
Tel Aviv at dusk looking onto the beach

People often ask me what my favorite part about NYU Tel Aviv was, and one of the first things that comes to mind is the café culture. When I wasn’t learning about the politics of the Middle East or seeing a new film in the Israeli Cinema course NYU offers, I was at one of the local cafes drinking a cappuccino or eating shakshuka (the delicious Israeli egg dish). One café in particular to pay a visit to is Café Movieing. Its originality of style and large (and delicious) variety of meals makes this possibly one of the best spots to study, get a bite, or hang out in for hours—in the morning, for lunch, or at night if you want to grab a late nightcap upstairs in the bar area. And, if you’re a movie buff, this place is also movie themed, (if you couldn’t already tell from its title) with DVDs covering the walls with a big TV upstairs as well.

If you’re looking to escape the scene of urban excitement or modern restaurants, the ancient port city of Jaffa is a 15 minute bus ride away and is filled with markets, museums, and landmarks. Nonetheless, because Tel Aviv is made up of so many various neighborhoods (each one with it’s own character), there will always be a new place to explore.

Much of the Tel Aviv culture revolves around the beach, as the city lies along the Mediterranean coastline. The constant sun and lively mentality furthermore gives it the name as “the city that never sleeps.” After a day of taking advantage of Tel Aviv’s vibrant shopping life, or eating at one of the many restaurants with food from all over the world, the nightlife offers both quaint bars or 24 hour clubs as well. Tel Aviv is a liberal and accepting city, which is a large part of the reason so many tourists flock here. The diverse and beautiful city has so much to offer, with a fascinating history surrounding its evolution as perhaps one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Story and Photo by Hayley Winograd


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  1. what a beautiful, beautiful picture! I so want to see it again through my own eyes!

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