Editor’s Note

Welcome to the Baedeker, New York University’s one and only travel magazine.

Named after the original travel guide series created by Karl Baedeker, our magazine strives to connect the NYU community to the world by showcasing student travel experiences, hopefully encouraging more students to travel. Through writing and photography from wonderfully talented NYU student travelers, Baedeker strives to delve deeper into what it means to discover the world around you with open eyes.

After a redesign in 2013, Baedeker has continued to evolve: we’ve expanded our global network with editors abroad in the thick of things, a dedicated layout staff, and a thriving social media presence. On this site, you’ll find stories from places ranging from Ethiopia to Ireland and everywhere in between. We hope you’ll not only draw inspiration for your future travels, but also find the push to document your own; we sure did.

Kari Sonde | Editor in Chief